Revision:Mental Illness and Homelessness: A Big Problem With The US

Sylvia Johnston 4/11/16 Professor Lucas Eng 131   Mental Illness and Homelessness: A Big Problem With The US Introduction Mental Illness is something that seems to be looked down on because of deficit that is easily seen and not the person as a whole or without the deficit. A homeless person on the streets or […]


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Hedgehog-Many interpretations.

Hedgehog is poem written by Paul Muldoon, his poem is about a snail telling the hedgehog a secret and the hedgehog hides because it does not want to share the secret. The hedgehog is a quiet animal that is willing to listen and keep the secrets the snail has to share. There are many different […]

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Snow Day

Snow Day by Billy Collins is a poem written about what a snow day looks like in his small town. The poem creates this imagery of how the town looks after the snow is on the ground and after the writer had been outside. Stanza 3, lines 16 and 17 stick out because of the […]

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